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Low Carb Ketosis Diet: The Natural Way to Burn Fat without Intense Exercise


You’ve probably heard about low carb Ketosis diet, if you do or already tried to do some diet with low level of carbohydrates. It’s interesting to know that even if you’ve never heard of it, this process of your body has always existed, and without it you probably would not… Read more »

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The Fat Burning Secret – Discover the Simple Basics of Fat Burning & Healthy Nutrition


Are you tired of using different products and treatments to reduce your extra weight? Well, you aren’t alone as it’s a problem with every second person in the western world. Have you ever wondered what causes you to gain weight? It’s our bad eating habits that contribute a lot to… Read more »

Study Shows Asian Ginseng Prevents Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s Disease


Although American medical culture has always been inclined to the mainstream medical establishment, existence and effectiveness of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) should not be ignored. With time and progress of medical science, CAM is greatly heading toward a mass popularity all over the country. This kind of treatment tends… Read more »

Beard Transplant

Johnny   December 5, 2017   No Comments on Beard Transplant

Historically, a thick beard in a man has been associated to some characteristics like masculinity, virility and even wisdom. Likewise, beards are considered as a sign of ruggedness and strength and, at the same time, results attractive for some women. However, some men just can’t let his beards grow naturally… Read more »

Does Mate Tea Hurt?

Juliet   November 29, 2017   No Comments on Does Mate Tea Hurt?

Mate tea is a drink made from the plant yerba mate. It is native to the subtropical region of South America. And the tea prepared with the yerba mate is associated with several benefits. Among them, we can highlight the decrease in cholesterol levels, protection of the heart, the fight… Read more »