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How to Buy the Best Athletic Shoes

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How to Buy the Best Athletic Shoes

Any avid athlete knows that selecting the proper footwear for their exercise can make a monumental difference in comfort and performance. Bad athletic shoes can leave even the healthiest athletes nursing painful shin splints or aching joints. Therefore, it’s important to know what kind of shoes fit your needs and… Read more »

Does Mate Tea Hurt?

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Mate tea is a drink made from the plant yerba mate. It is native to the subtropical region of South America. And the tea prepared with the yerba mate is associated with several benefits. Among them, we can highlight the decrease in cholesterol levels, protection of the heart, the fight… Read more »

Winter Skin Care Tips and Solutions

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Winter Skin Care

In winter the skin care should be redoubled. With the lower temperature, the air humidity decreases and people perspire less, which, consequently, leaves the skin drier. The warm bath also helps because it removes the natural oil more intensely causing the skin to become drier. It’s a time for care!… Read more »

Banned Aid:Weed The World

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A facebook group set up for conversations about how we manage cancer is inviting new members. What began as a frustration with the shackled NHS has turned into a practical discussion about how the UK does, and might, manage cancer. A very private Public figure, Dr Carol Coombes OBE recently… Read more »

Questions to Ask Before Opting for Weight-Loss Surgery

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Have you been referred to weight-loss surgery? Want to know more about what you should do prior to your surgery? We’ve got you covered. Having a surgery always sounds risky, no matter how easy and simple it is. But it’s not something you should panic about; instead, you need to… Read more »