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Calcium & Calcium Supplements – Getting the Right Balance

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Our body needs specific vitamins and minerals to keep functioning. We get these minerals and vitamins by consuming different foods.  Calcium is one of them bringing you great health benefits. It’s very important for the growth & development of bones. Today, we’ll shed light on calcium as how you can… Read more »

Is Modalert a Wonder Drug?

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There have been many talks about Modalert and it is getting popular day by day in the US and other countries. So far we know that modafinil, which is the generic term for Modalert is a drug which helps your mental health, improving your recalling abilities and keeps you motivated… Read more »

Understanding Your Drugs

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Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in dispensing prescription medicine to customers or health professionals. They work under the supervision of pharmacists in collecting information needed to fill a prescription, measure amounts of medications, package and label prescriptions. In addition they will organize inventory, accept payment and process insurance claims. Pharmacy technicians… Read more »